Kodachrome: 1935-2010

Fri Dec 31

RIP, thanks for the superb images. So sorry to have never been able to shoot a roll.

Photo by Steve Hebert for The New York Times.


Technologist and aviation nut, using photography as a creativity fix.




  • Tue Oct 13 17:00:44
  • I have Twitter very abandoned, work doesn't get me much time :(

  • Thu Oct 08 06:21:31
  • Worth it! #axalp15 http://t.co/7IdpKw7gZA

  • Thu Oct 08 04:05:53
  • Victory Operation Wildgärst !!! And new record, done in 4h. #Axalp15 #OpWildgärst

  • Sun Oct 04 05:37:43
  • Finally they fixed the security mess at LTN, hope they don't screw the things that are right with further changes

  • Sun Oct 04 05:15:59
  • And thus Operation Wildgärst begins! #axalp15 #thirdtimeis...