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Sat Jan 15

Makes me think on why my father was hooked to Japan when he spend some months living in the 1980s Tokyo.


Technologist and aviation nut, using photography as a creativity fix.




  • Fri Apr 24 18:03:37
  • I'm an Armata fan, mean MBT RT @defenseupdate: Russian Armata unveiled: a new family of armored combat vehicles

  • Fri Apr 24 17:55:02
  • Amazing rapeseed fields all over the East Midlands, nothing says louder air show season and spring.

  • Fri Apr 24 17:39:57
  • Pero es fácil, si Canarias no necesita explotar el petróleo tampoco necesita su régimen económico especial. La maldita España asimétrica.

  • Fri Apr 24 17:38:33
  • Pura basura informativa RT @ElHuffPost: Primer delfín manchado de petróleo en Gran Canaria