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Sat Jan 15

Makes me think on why my father was hooked to Japan when he spend some months living in the 1980s Tokyo.


Technologist and aviation nut, using photography as a creativity fix.




  • Sun Sep 28 16:11:56
  • Safe and sound! Looks like yesterday when she arrived at a rainy Coningsby,what and adventure.Thank you @CWHM and friends,welcome home VeRA!

  • Sun Sep 28 16:05:27
  • Hamilton tower says to Heritage1: Welcome home!

  • Sun Sep 28 16:03:32
  • Round to base, runway 21 she is home #lanc2uk

  • Sun Sep 28 15:58:11
  • Heritage1 inbound, pass and land! #lanc2uk #welcomehome

  • Sun Sep 28 15:49:06
  • Instructions for Heritage1 for the usual photographic and welcome rituals, almost home VeRA! #lanc2uk

  • Sun Sep 28 15:43:08
  • Hamilton airport feed for VeRA arrival #lanc2uk #welcomehome