Tue Jan 18

I have to say that it was her hair what grabbed my attention the first time, then the background made me think on the usual white or black studio background and how running from the conventionalities can help a photo to stand out.

So why not use red or yellow as your background, it will pop your subject out! Add a especial expression and hair style and you got a winner image, again the photo of week!

Via Krzysztof Frankiewicz photostream.


Technologist and aviation nut, using photography as a creativity fix.




  • Tue Aug 23 14:44:50
  • one for @RowlandWhite https://t.co/0IIQd47XXC

  • Wed Aug 17 13:59:34
  • Some problems on my current work laptop with Firefox, so I had to install a Chrome variant, surprised on performance. Makes me sad.