Sun Feb 20

Brandon is one of my favorite fashion photographers. His work has always been fresh and fascinating since day one, especially when his muse Jackie is on the frame. My favorite photos of him always have her as a subject

In this case he clearly use the unique background, that reminds of a peacock tail, to make her stand out. Is not the first time I bring attention to backgrounds as a powerful tool in people photography and not the first time Brandon’s work is featured here.

The photo of the week, via Brandon Taelor photostream.


Technologist and aviation nut, using photography as a creativity fix.




  • Mon Jun 29 09:44:22
  • Somebody playing the Game of Thrones theme at one of the St Pancras pianos, players there don't stop surprising me...

  • Fri Jun 26 17:19:39
  • A week of being surrounded by ineptitude and laziness, but a weekend to forget and disconnect!!! In the end inept people can't be helped.