Sun Apr 17

Some time ago I wrote about what would be my favorite photo assignment or the kind of photography I would love to do, well the truth is that I would rather only shoot Girls&Planes ;)

That would join my two photography passions, certainly there is not much room for doing that kind of photography but a few fashion shoots around planes would be good enough, as my friend Masha said when talking about her work Aerohot!:

There are 2 good things in this life, how planes look like and how all the girls turn to cutties near them.”

I couldn’t agree more with her. Check my flickr group dedicated to the subject.

Publicity still from the film “I Wanted Wings”, model: Constance Moore.


Technologist and aviation nut, using photography as a creativity fix.




  • Mon Jan 26 16:16:29
  • #TLP update, the crash has being against the TLP platform, only three jets took off before the crash. 18 Injured/death but counts changing.

  • Mon Jan 26 15:00:40
  • Sure @HAFspokesman can provide info as soon as they know something, bad things is that close to airfield. #TLP

  • Mon Jan 26 14:57:41
  • Apparently the jet crashed on takeoff is a Greek F16 #TLP #Albacete various explosions heard, usual movement of emergency vehicles.